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Screenrights Licence - Part VA of the Copyright Act

Part VA is one of the special statutory licences provided in the Australian Copyright Act which enable universities to use off-air broadcast content for non-commercial, educational purposes. The agency Screenrights administers the licence. Under the licence, broadcast material can be copied for the educational purposes of Monash University, including the use of podcasts of broadcast content, as made available by the broadcaster.

Note also that certain (not all) overseas broadcast content is included in the licence (eg podcasts from BBC website for example)

The licence is not free; Monash pay an annual fee to Screenrights to be able to make use of this statutory licence.

Programs can be recorded at home by staff, but the physical copies (disks or containers, etc) must be labelled to show they are Screenrights Part-VA copies, and they can only be made available or shown to students and staff of Monash University, or those at another university with a current Screenrights licence in place.

Under the licence, preview copies can also be made, if required, but these must be deleted after 14 days if not made into a fully licensed copy (through the addition of the official Screenrights-Part VA label).

Every three to four years a sampling process occurs across the University to determine what is being copied.

Refer to Screenrights section of the Teaching page on this site for more information and the guidelines provided on the Resources and downloads page (NB Access restricted to Monash University staff and students). See also the information about the licence on the Screenrights website.

Send an email inquiry to the University's Copyright Adviser.